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ICWE 2007 – tuesday – Como

Today is the really first official day of the Conference.
After the Welcome Cocktail held on Villa Olmo on monday evening (anyone impressions? Comments here…) today Works are starting up with the Official Opening Ceremony of the conference performed by the Chair Professor Piero Fraternali.
After a short presentation of the city, the university of Politecnico di Milano, and the works that have to be done during the conference, he passed the token to mr. Adam Bosworth, Vice President of Engineering at Google inc.

This “guy” has been presented as one of the man who took part to the story of Internet and Computer Science, and he didn’t disappointed the audience.  His keynote was very dense and full of ideas about “The future of Web and Desktop applications”.  I personally found very attractive his way of speaking about it balancing technical things with psychological topics and so on…  In the end of his speaking he made a little presentation about Google Gears, the new technology implemented by Google in order to allow people and (only certain kind of) Web Application to work also without direct connection to the Internet, synchronizing all the data only when connection is active (similar to Blackberry I think…).

Then, during the day, there have been one Workshop, two Research Session (“Services” and “Metrics”) and two Events (“ALFA project” and “DISCoRSO project”) but I could take part only to the workshop, so I hope someone could add their impression on the others events here in the comments.

The workshop was about “MDWE: Model-Driven Web Engineering”.
It was held by Geert-Jan Houben and Nora Koch and it allowed people to show their papers and works to the audience inviting them to discussions and also collaboration I think…
The presented papers could be found here.

Patrick Freudenstein, Jan Buck, Martin Nussbaumer, Martin Gaedke
“Model-driven Construction of Workflow-based Web Applications with Domain-specific Languages”

Pau Giner, Victoria Torres, Vincente Pelechano
“Bridging the Gap between BPMN and WS-BPEL. M2M Transformations in Practice”

Andreas Kraus, Alexander Knapp, Nora Koch
“Model-driven Generation of Web Applications in UWE”
This was one of the first times I heard about UWE: it is more or less an extended UML to design Web Applications.
In the end I was very impressed by UWE, so “Good Luck guys!”.

Manuel Wimmer, Andrea Schauerhuber, Wieland Schwinger, Horst Kargl
“On the Integration of Web Modelling Languages”
Very beautiful presentation about the need to integrate the Web Modelling Languages. It was very interesting for me to hear about the many Web Modelling languages and how do they work but I can’t understand why there are so many (my answer is: for the same reason we have so many car manufacturers, fashion brands and so on…) and what are the differences between them. Is there a language better than the others?

Valeria De Castro, Juan Manuel Vara, Esperanza Marcos
“Model Transformation for Service-Oriented Web Applications Development”

Giovanni Toffetti Carughi
“Modeling data-intensive Rich Internet Applications with server push support”
I found this paper very interesting also because I knew many of the things that were presented. I found these RIA very interesting for the future, but I have the same doubts that Adam Bosworth raised during the morning: “Are these Web Applications suitable for every connection? for every device?”
I think that the future shoud be on the Web-Desktop Applications: perhaps today they are not suitable for everyine, but in the future…

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