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ICWE 2007 – wednesday – Como

This day of the conference has to do with some very important topics:
Industrial Session
Research Session on Interfaces
Demo Sessions
IWWOST (International Workshop on Web-Oriented Software Technologies)
Social Dinner

Industrial Session

The Industrial Session involved many people talking about their works and their experience in Web Technologies and Industrial experiences.

These were the presentations:

Roberto Acerbis, Aldo Bongio, Marco Brambilla, Stefano Ceri, Massimo Tisi and Emanuele Tosetti.
Developing eBusiness solutions with a Model Driven Approach
I already knew these guys and I already knew what they did! It is very surprising for me the increase in speed of work and decrease in work-hours due to the tools used in this case (WebRatio) which allow to mantain a very big architecture and Web Application with less time and work.

Emily Medina, Sunny Fugate and Marion Ceruti.
Next-Generation Tactical-Situation-Assessment (TSAT): Chat

Marco Brambilla, Jordi Cabot and Nathalie Moreno.
Tool Support for Model Checking of Web application designs

Ike Nassi, Joydip Das and Ming-Chien Shan.
The Challenges of Application Service Hosting

Research Session on Interfaces

The Research Session involved these presentations:

Stefan Betermieux and Birgit Bomsdorf.
Finalizing Dialog Models at Runtime

Gustavo Rossi, Jeronimo Ginzburg, Matias Urbieta and Damiano Distante.
Transparent Interface Composition for Web Applications

Matthias Book, Volker Gruhn and Jan Richter.
Fine-Grained Specification and Control of Data Flows in Web-based User Interfaces 

Giulio Mori, Fabio Paternò and Carmen Santoro.
Authoring Multi-Device Web Applications with Database Access

Andre Fialho and Daniel Schwabe.
Enriching Hypermedia Application Interfaces
I like very much this presentation for the idea of animating the interface in Web Presentation. I don’t know if anyone will decide to implement this idea in their websites…

Demo Sessions

The Demos took part in the same time and everyone could go to a demo and ask to be shown on their functionality.
These were the demos:

Jin Yu, Boualem Benatallah, Fabio Casati, Florian Daniel, Maristella Matera and Regis Saint-Paul.
Mixup: a Development and Runtime Environment for Integration at the Presentation Layer

Irene Celino, Emanuele Della Valle, Dario Cerizza and Andrea Turati.
Squiggle: an experience in model-driven development of real-world Semantic Search Engines

Santiago Meliá, Jaime Gomez and Jose Luís Serrano.
WebTE: MDA Transformation Engine for Web Applications

Giansalvatore Mecca, Salvatore Raunich, Alessandro Pappalardo and Donatello Santoro.
Noodles: A Clustering Engine for the Web

Roberto Acerbis, Aldo Bongio, Marco Brambilla and Stefano Butti.
WebRatio 5: An Eclipse-based CASE tool for engineering Web applications

Cédric Mesnage and Eyal Oren.
Extending Ruby on Rails for Semantic Web Applications

Michal Tvarozek and Maria Bielikova.
Personalized Faceted Navigation in the Semantic Web

Yevgen Borodin, Jalal Mahmud, Asad Ahmed and I.V. Ramakrishnan.
WebVAT: Web Page Visualization and Analysis Tool

Athula Ginige, Xufeng Liang, Makis Marmaridis, Anupama Ginige and Buddhima De Silva.
Smart Tools to support Meta-Design Paradigm for Developing Web based Business Applications


IWWOST workshop presented some papers:

I address to the link to know more of the presentations.

Then they have a sort of round table where everyone asks questions, shares ideas, presents issues: a very good example of sharing knowledge and synchronizing ideas.

Conference Social Dinner

But in the end of the day everyone was waiting for the Social Dinner at Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio
In the websites you can see many pictures of that very beautiful Hotel.
First of all we took a boat which took us to Bellagio from Como.
Then we could walk along the very beautiful and very small town.
At 8 o’clock we started our dinner with very good service (not Web Service luckily 🙂 ) and very raffinated food and wine.

I’m waiting for your comments!

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  1. I was there with the Mixup Team from Polimi.
    As undergraduates, we were working in the shadow, but were there.

    Of course, shadows imply NOT being at the social dinner…


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